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    Lightroom Classic | Perth, WA | 4 hours

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    Lightroom Classic | Perth, WA | 4 hours

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    photography courses

    Lightroom Classic | Perth, WA | 4 hours

Lightroom Classic | Perth, WA | 4 hours

Swanbourne   |  4 hours  |  $250

Thu, August 22nd

This course for photographers introduces you to Adobe Lightroom Classic and how enhance your photographs. This is the ultimate photo management and image-editing digital workflow program suitable for intermediate through to professional photographers.

Create the perfect look for every image whether you shoot RAW or JPEG — Lightroom Classic includes a comprehensive range of leading-edge image processing tools. Make precise adjustments to colour and contrast, use a flexible brush or a gradient tool to edit targeted areas of your photo, convert to black and white, reduce noise, adjust sharpness, correct perspective and much more. This course appeals to anyone with an interest in photography and digital arts using either MAC or PCs.

Adobe Lightroom Classic has become the standard photo management and image editing program to allow you to enhance and manipulate your photographs to bring out the very best quality, colour, exposure and resolution. The end result is a quality image which can be turned into a fine art photograph or canvas, a book, photographic album or to showcase your talent on social networking sites such as Facebook, Linked-in or gallery sites for your website or Instagram

  • Importing your images into Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Learn how to resize and crop images
  • Differences between non destructive RAW and jpeg images
  • Learn about colour and how to convert images into black and white
  • Fine tuning images using sharpening, contrast, balancing exposure in highlights and shadows
  • Colour space, re-sizing and resolution of images for printing, email, social networks, websites or photobooks
  • Saving files for print
  • Build and enhance your professional portfolio
  • Exporting images to the web, iphone, ipad and other portable display mediums
  • Skill set to produce fine art prints and canvas displays or galleries for your website or Instagram
  • Optimization of images for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic interface
  • Creating new documents, importing images into Lightroom, export for print or screen
  • How to resize and crop images
  • RAW versus jpeg files
  • Integrating Lightroom Classic with Photoshop
  • White balance and exposure
  • Colour space, re-sizing and resolution
  • Converting colour images
  • Managing, adjusting & presenting large volumes of digital photographs
  • Images resolution and quality
  • Saving files for print
  • Exporting image for web
  • How to use key sliders such as saturation
  • Re-touch and healing tool
  • Highlight & shadow clipping, 'black' & 'white' sliders
  • Non-destructive editing features
  • Export to websites, iphone and ipad
Serena Pearce and/or Andrew Thomasson

Code Lime Photography - 7 Brassey St Swanbourne WA 6010

Time:  1:00pm - 5:00pm

Please bring your laptop for those that have one (and power cable) with Lightroom Classic installed, 20 hi res jpeg images (and RAW images if you shoot RAW - jpegs only will be fine if you don't) on a USB stick (and / or your cameras memory card with a card reader to download the images if you have one) and a notebook and pen if you want to take notes.

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