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    Night Photography Course | Perth, WA | 2 hours

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    Night Photography Course | Perth, WA | 2 hours

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    Night Photography Course | Perth, WA | 2 hours

Night Photography Course | Perth, WA | 2 hours

Fremantle  |  2 hours  |  $120

Contact us for our next course dates, and remember online is anytime :)!

Learn how to take photos of the twilight and night sky, find out how to paint with light, to starburst light and select the correct camera settings for night photography. Our workshop tips will give you a solid foundation and get you ready to start tackling a number of popular low-light and night photography techniques around the iconic, eclectic town of Fremantle.

The Night Photography course covers many topics over 2 hours including shooting RAW, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, aperture settings, using a tripod, the best lenses, star bursting, composition, balancing ambient light with flash, using mirror lockup and self timer, zooming, light trails and more. Rain or shine, hail or heat - this night photography course is a must for any traveller or serious photographer.

Your instructors Serena Pearce and/or Andrew Thomasson have been running photography courses and workshops in Fremantle since 2009 and know the best locations, the best times and night photography techniques. Come away with an in-depth knowledge on how to get fabulous night photography images both in Fremantle and any city in the world. This evening is also a fun, social occasion with lots of laughs and finishing off with a drink in a local pub. A great way to make new friends.

  • DLSR, mirrorless and compact camera (with manual controls) functionality
  • RAW, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, bracketing
  • Balancing available light and flash, rear & 2nd curtain synch
  • Mirror lock up, self timer and remote release
  • Zooming, light trails, motion, painting with light
  • Pre shoot recce skills, maximizing locations, anticipating the moment
  • Reflections and abstract effects such as zooming & star bursts
  • Creative night photography settings (expessionistic, art deco, B & W, colour accent etc)
  • Time : variable - check booking form
  • Meet at : Little Creatures Brewery, 40 Mews Road, Fremantle, WA (look for red hire bikes/Red Kombi van)
■ A basic knowledge of how your camera operates
■ A digital DLSR, mirror-less or compact camera with manual controls
■ For DLSR and mirror-less camera users, at least one multi range lens
■ Memory Card(s) - at least a 2GB card, instruction manual
■ Charged camera battery, torch and a Speedlite flash (not obligatory)
■ Tripod
  • Instruction from professional photographers
  • Camera, lens and accessory shopping service
  • Certificates of completion are available on request

Food and beverages

Paying for your course in full upon booking will confirm your attendance. Places are limited on all courses.
We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule any course, due to inadequate enrollment, bad weather, instructor illness, or an 'act of God'. We also reserve the right to cancel any course if there is insufficient demand, especially if it means that our costs would be higher than our income. Please therefore do not leave it until the last few weeks if you are interested in a particular date, as you may find that it has been cancelled. As our costs for each training event remain the same no matter how many delegates attend, like any pre-booked tickets for the theatre, concert, flights etc, we are unable to give a full refund in the event of non-attendance, regardless of the circumstances. If withdrawal occurs within the 14 days before the course starts we will try to put you on an alternative date if places are available. Please note that we cannot be liable for any other costs incurred by yourself, so please check with us before booking any non-refundable accommodation or transport.
Workshop Photography:
We reserve the right to take photographic, (both still and video) records of any of our workshops/courses which may be used for promotional purposes, submissions, advertising and records. We grant permission for participants to use any images captured by them during this workshop for self-promotion only. Participants may not make any financial gain from any images captured during this workshop/course.

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