• Photographer Perth
    hands on, practical and a whole lot of fun

    photography courses

  • Photographer Perth
    hands on, practical and a whole lot of fun

    photography courses

  • Photographer Perth
    hands on, practical and a whole lot of fun

    photography courses

Are you wanting to capture memories that can last forever, but not sure how? At Code Lime Photography, we can help you. Whether you’re looking to try something new or have an urge to sharpen your photography skills, we have a course suitable for your needs. We offer a variety of courses designed for different experience levels: Beginner's (Digital 1), Intermediate to Advanced (Digital 2), Portraiture, Travel, Real Estate & Architecture, Night and Lightroom - plus a great range of workshops that take in some amazing destinations (and a whole lot of fun). Let us help you see the beauty in every day, live in the present and express yourself.

Photography Courses



The Code Lime Photography Beginners Photography course in Fremantle is ideal for those wanting to learn the essentials of photography. It teaches the fundamentals of digital imaging, of handling light and the art of composition. It's also the complete course to understand how to get the best out of your DLSR, mirrorless or compact camera with manual controls. 'Hands on' workshops throughout the course are intuitive, easy to understand and tutored by the professional photographer Serena Pearce.



■ Download the full course right from the start
■ Simple to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to shoot off the 'Auto' setting
■ Learn the fundamentals of digital imaging, of handling light and the art of composition
■ How to get the best out of your DLSR, mirrorless or compact camera with manual controls
■ What lenses are best for what scenarios
■ When and how to use flash
■ How to shoot people, action, landscapes, street photography, buildings, in low light & much more
■ 469 pages of information & inspiring images
■ 15 practical projects to train your eye to paint light onto a subject, how to achieve the right lens perspective and to control the creative process - projects are NOT compulsory
■ Ongoing mentoring from professional photographers

FOR MORE DETAILS SEE : https://www.photographyspace.com.au/detail.php?Beginners-Photography-Course-8

Intermediate Photography Course | Perth, WA | 1 day


Take your photography skills to the next level. Go beyond the fundamentals with LOTS of shooting both indoors and outside. The focus of this course is practical shooting exercises, designed to systematically improve your skills. Techniques practiced include HDR, advanced use of depth of field, creative custom white balance, bracketing, low light photography, effective RAW shooting and processing, creating panoramas, shooting wildlife, nature, landscapes, macro & portraits amidst the beautiful surrounds of Perth Zoo and UWA

Smartphone Photography Course | Perth, WA | 4 hrs


This punchy, informative creative course will cover the strengths of Smartphones in composition and lighting, catering to their natural advantages. Ideal for everyone interested in mobile imagery and are keen to explore the creative side of Smartphone photography.

Lightroom Classic | Perth, WA | 4 hours


This course for photographers introduces you to Adobe Lightroom Classic and how enhance your photographs. This is the ultimate photo management and image-editing digital workflow program suitable for intermediate through to professional photographers. Learn how to enhance and manipulate your photographs to bring out the very best quality, colour, exposure and resolution with powerful and intuitive Lightroom tools.

Portrait Photography Course | Perth, WA | 3 hours


This hands-on portrait photography workshop spans traditional portrait lighting styles and posing to exploring more relaxed, candid portraiture. We will use both axillary lights and natural light, indoor and out, and you'll learn about the process of lighting, posing and building rapport to produce creative portraits. The course covers DSLR camera techniques, exposure compensation and white balance settings.

Night Photography Course | Perth, WA | 2 hours


Learn how to take photos of the twilight and night sky, find out how to paint with light, to starburst light and select the correct camera settings for night photography. Our hands-on photography course teaches you the tips will give you a solid foundation and get you ready to start tackling a number of popular low-light and night photography techniques around the iconic, eclectic town of Fremantle.

Real Estate & Architectural Photography Course | Perth, WA | 1 day


This course will steer you through the essential tools needed and the technique required to shoot quality, dynamic, creative and emotive shots which portray real estate and architectural property in the best possible light. The course will also appeal to photographers needing to learn more about flash gun techniques and shooting under a wide range of difficult lighting conditions.

Real Estate & Architectural Photography Course | Perth, WA | 2 consecutive days


This comprehensive 2 day course teaches you how to photograph architectural exteriors and interiors. The course covers settings such as aperture priority, shooting RAW, low ISO settings, bracketing, exposure compensation, balancing interior and exterior light, white balance, colour profiling, tripods, reflectors, flashes, the use of drones, 360 degree spherical panoramas and floor plans. Various locations for different styles.

Online Real Estate & Architectural Photography Course


Our online Mastering Real Estate & Architectural Photography course provides a clear path for the entry-level to advanced, allowing you to gain the specialist skills in order to become a capable, even expert, real estate and architectural photographer. Start a small or freelance photography business, work part time or turn your hobby and passion into a professional craft.

Travel Photography Course | Perth, WA | 4 hours


The Travel Photography course is a ‘hands on’ outdoors 4 hour course. We use a variety of great Fremantle locations to give you a feel for diverse scenarios. Learn how to use every feature on your digital camera or smartphone to the full, learn low light and action photography techniques, macro photography, lens and linear perspective / depth of field and much more.

Margaret River Photography | Western Australia | Choose either 2 days , 1 day or 4 hrs to suit your time & budget


Choose between our 2 day, 1 day or 4 hour photography courses in Margaret River to suit your time & budget. Multiple workshops covering food and wine, landscapes, portraiture, action, nature, lifestyle, architecture, art & camera gear and camera handling in the world famous Margaret River region renowned for its natural beauty and spoilt for top quality gourmet food, wine, gorgeous beaches, rolling, green hills and tall Karri forests.

Wildlife & Nature Photography Course | Perth WA | 4 hours


On this workshop you will learn the skills required to take photographs of native and exotic animals in a controlled environment, giving you photos that appear to have been shot 'in the wild'. It's a great opportunity for anyone who loves the fauna of our planet and wants to learn the skills of wildlife photography and how to shoot both macro (close -up) and with telephotos (long lenses).

Dog Photography Course | Perth, WA | 2 hrs | $150


Bring your own pet or shoot other dogs
Brilliant outdoor setting on
Ideal for dogs but other pets welcome
Camera settings to capture the action
Lighting, composition, depth of field, angle of view
Covering Smartphones, video clips & social media posting



■ Download the whole course from the start
■ Learn to take great food and drink shots without the luxury of working with a food & wine stylist
■ Focus on the right gear, including smartphones, on the best cameras, lenses and set ups
■ Look at food provenance & preparation, the light, colour, backgrounds, props & using motion in your images
■ Case examples from the great food regions from the world - Indian, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Western, wineries, distilleries & more
■ Tips and tricks for great food & drink images
■ 10 creative projects to enhance your food & drink photography portfolio
■ Best ways to edit and export your images
■ 373 pages of information & inspiring images
■ Ongoing mentoring from professional photographers

FOR MORE DETAILS see https://www.photographyspace.com.au/detail.php?Food-Drink-Photography-Course-10



■ Download the full course right from the start
■ A clear path for the entry-level to advanced
■ Become an all-rounder hobbyist or a part or full-time professional photographer
■ Learn to shoot creative images across a wide range of photographic genres - landscapes, people, weddings, food & drinks, travel, action & sports, wildlife & nature, pets, smartphones plus more
■ Camera gear & settings for each photography genre
■ Composition, streamlining your workflow & ideas for future directions
■ 960 pages of information with inspiring images
■ 15 creative, fun assignments for compiling a fabulous photography portfolio - assignments are NOT compulsory
■ Ongoing mentoring from professional photographers

Individual Private Photography Tuition | Perth WA


Why not let us tailor a private one-to-one session that is just right for you. We can help you understand your digital camera by talking you through your camera features, answering your questions, taking photos and reviewing and discussing the results. We can also help you with Lightroom and editing images. With Code Lime Photography one-to-one tuition the focus is on you

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